Pankiewicz Farm
Est. 1984

Fifteen years prior to being bitten with the fruit passion , Stan Pankiewicz worked in a nearby apple orchard. He started there in 1969 and worked for several years for an elderly man named Harvey. It was a way for Stan to make a supplemental income for his growing family. It turned out to be a learning experience into the wonderful world of fruit growing. Stan started planting his own trees in 1972 and still adds to them each year. To build his customer base, Stan contracted out to a local mill the pressing of his apples into cider. He did then as he does now supervise the blending of " just the right" apple varieties to give his cider "just the right" taste. In 1984 he built the cider mill that stands today.


In 1988 after getting the cider mill rolling, Stan started growing and selling produce and pumpkins. The cider mill keeps growing too, with the addition of a snack bar and " Spankie Snax ", his own brand of delicious snacks. With years of experience the business will continue to grow. We are and always will be a "family owned and operated" cider mill. We take pride in bringing you the best we have, after all, our name is on the label.