Pankiewicz Cider Mill
10377 Lindsey Road - Casco, MI 48064 - (586) 727-9051

Dear Teachers and Group Leaders:

We at Pankiewicz Cider Mill would like to invite you and your students to participate in the 2014 School Tour as we share the pride we have for our farm with you. Ours is a family owned and operated produce farm, orchard and cider mill. Here you will be able to enjoy what nature has to offer in a quiet country setting, and will learn about our orchards on a guided tour. We also offer a sheltered picnic area, snack bar and country store.

Your guided tour begins in the orchard, proceeds through the storage and processing rooms, and concludes in the retail store. Your tour guide will give a lesson in each area. After the tour, students will be treated to fresh cider and donuts in the picnic area. There will also be time for questions and answers, as well as learning some "fun" facts about apples. Each child will also receive a thank-you gift as they leave the orchard.

You can plan on the tour lasting approximately 45 minutes, with the largest portion of time being spent in the orchard. Tours are given Thursday or Friday from September 11th thru October 10th. Advance booking is required, and cost is $7.00/person. Lunch programs are also available for a nominal charge. Some classes choose to "brown bag" their lunch and enjoy it in our picnic area along with their cider and donuts.

Students are asked to dress for the weather .. yes it rains in the orchard! Sandals do not offer much protection from wet grass. It is also helpful if teachers request a limit on spending money. There are many things children can purchase with just two dollars.

To book a tour with Pankiewicz Cider Mill, please call the mill from Thursday or Friday 10am-5pm to schedule your tour. We look forward to the opportunity to teach your students everything we know about apples!

Thank You,
Stan & Sharon
Stan & Sharon Pankiewicz